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Career Purgatory

Career Purgatory

Career Purgatory is Metro Detroit's one-stop-shop for information on careers, unemployment, underemployment, retail and workplace humor, and education. Are you stuck in Career Purgatory?

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Watching Your Health

Watching Your Health

Watching Your Health is a blog dedicated to healthy living and eating. Learn about the food industry, what foods and drinks are healthy and unhealthy for you, and how you can overall improve your life.

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Busted Rides

Busted Ride

Have you driven past a damaged car and wondered how it's still driving? Have you ever seen a ridiculous license plate tag? Busted Rides is your site for all damaged vehicles, vanity plates, and auto news.

Is Your Ride Busted?

SkyNet is Real

SkyNet is Real

Have you seen the Terminator movies? In today's modern world, SkyNet is more a reality than once thought. SkyNet is Real features articles about technology pushing the boundaries as we know it.

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